Why Should My Company Join Big-Sky-Earth?

Why Should My Company Join Big-Sky-Earth?

The fields of astronomy and earth observation are both significant beneficiaries of recent developments in computer science, statistics, and data analysis that broadly fall under the term big data. Big-Sky-Earth is a Horizon 2020 funded COST network designed to bring these three communities together, boosting communication within and between the communities, and identifying common solutions to challenges faced in research and industry across them.

diagramWhat Does Big-Sky-Earth Do?

The Big-Sky-Earth COST network brings together experts from across the disciplines of astronomy, earth observation and big data through conferences, short scientific projects, training schools, collaborative work, and preparation for larger projects.

The work of the Big-Sky-Earth network is divided into four key work packages:

  1. Optimisation of database tools in astronomy and earth observation contexts
  2. Education of a new generation of experts in knowledge extraction from massive datasets
  3. Data mining and machine learning in the petabyte era for astronomy and Earth observation
  4. Visualization of high dimensional data for astronomy and Earth observation

Who Is Involved In Big-Sky-Earth?

Europe-MapThe members of the Big-Sky-Earth network come from 25 countries all across Europe, and represent some of the most important and prestigious European research groups in the areas of astronomy, earth observation, and big data. Our members include research lab leaders, world-class researchers and educators, and full-time students. International partner countries outside Europe have also petitioned to become members of the network and may join soon.

Why Should My Company Join Big-Sky-Earth?

The Big-Sky-Earth network is actively encouraging companies in the astronomy, earth observation, big data, and related industries to join the network and engage in our activities. By joining the network companies will have access to a Europe-wide community of experts in these fields, and will be welcome to attend the various training and networking events organised by the network, or even design and organise activities that fit within the mission of Big-Sky-Earth. This is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of developments in these important areas.
Contact Big-Sky-Earth

To talk to us at Big-Sky-Earth visit www.bigskyearth.eu
or email us at info  @  bigskyearth.eu.