The final BigSkyEarth Training School finished

The final BigSkyEarth Training School finished

BigSkyEarth organized its final Training School, focused on Big Data in simulations and observations. It took place at the Tuorla observatory, the University of Turku, on Nov. 26 – Dec.1, 2018. This was the final Training School of the BigSkyEarth COST Action.

The 1st edition of the BigSkyEarth Training School took place at the German Aerospace Center facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, 4-9 April, 2016. It gathered around 30 researchers for hands-on training on Big Data analytics in astronomy and Earth observation with six expert instructors from the EU and the USA. The second edition took place in Preston at the University of Central Lancanshire, UK, on April 3-8 2017 and focused on the creation of effective visualisations of big data bases. The third edition was held at the Vicomtech Research Center, Spain, in April 3-9, 2018.

The School in Finland covered a diverse set of topics, from deep learning to the analysis of spectral data, galaxy simulations, Bayesian filtering and smoothing, analyzing meteor data and observations of small objects in the Solar system. The trainers were:

  • Nima Sedaghat – a junior research scientist in Deep Learning and Computer Vision at University of Freiburg, Germany.
  • Antti Penttilä – holds a position of a University researcher at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.
  • Victor Debattista – a computational astrophysicist the group leader of the Galaxy formation and dynamics group at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.
  • Tigran Khachaturyants -a member of the Debattista’s Galaxy formation group at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.
  • Julien Tréguer – a member of the Energy and Industrial Process / Data Intelligence department at Vicomtech company, focusing mainly on image and video analysis.
  • Simo Särkkä – an Associate Professor with Aalto University, Technical Advisor of IndoorAtlas Ltd., and an Adjunct Professor with Tampere University of Technology and Lappeenranta University of Technology.
  • Maria Gritsevich – a senior scientist, docent in Planetary Sciences at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.
  • Janne Sievinen – a private consultation for medical devices industry and an active member of the Fireball Working Group in the Finnish Astronomical Association Ursa

Here you can find some material from the school: