Our book is out: Knowledge Discovery in Big Data from Astronomy and Earth Observation

Our book is out: Knowledge Discovery in Big Data from Astronomy and Earth Observation

Our COST Action had a unique challenge to bring together people form astronomy and Earth observation and facilitate communication between these two disciplines. One of the outcomes of this Action is the book that is now out: Knowledge Discovery in Big Data from Astronomy and Earth Observation.

Thanks to the hard work of the editors, Petr Skoda and Fathalrahman Adam, as well as of more than 50 authors who contributed to the book chapters, we have now the first extensive book on the transdisciplinary field of AstroGeoInformatics published by Elsevier.

The book is available at: https://www.elsevier.com/books/knowledge-discovery-in-big-data-from-astronomy-and-earth-observation/skoda/978-0-12-819154-5

Table of Contents:

1. Methodologies for Knowledge Discovery Processes in Context of AstroGeoInformatics

2. Historical Background of Big Data in Astro and Geo Context

3. AstroGeoInformatics: from Data Acquisition to Further Application

4. Synergy between astronomy and geosciences

5. Surveys, Catalogues, Databases and Archives of Astronomical data

6. Surveys, Catalogues, Databases/Archives and State-of-The-Art Methods for Geospatial data processing

7. International Database of Neutron Monitor Measurements: Development and Applications

8. High Performance Techniques for Big Data Processing

9. Query Processing and Access Methods for Big Astro and Geo Databases

10. Real Time Stream Processing in Astronomy

11. Time Series

12. Time Series Analysis of Generally Irregularly Spaced Signals

13. When Evolutionary Computing Meets Astro- and Geo- Informatics

14. Learning in Big Data: Introduction to Machine Learning

15. Deep Learning- An Opportunity and a Challenge for Geo- and Astrophysics

16. Astro Geo Informatics – Visually Guided Classification of Time Series Data

17. Multiwavelength Astronomy: Examples of Data-Mining

18. Applications of Big Data in Astronomy and Geosciences: Algorithms for Photographic Images, Processing and Error Elimination

19. Big Astronomical Data Sets and Discovery of New Celestial Bodies in the Solar System in Automated Mode by the CoLiTec Software

20. Big Data for the Magnetic Field Variations in Solar-Terrestrial Physics and their Wavelet Analysis

21. Monitoring the Earth Ionosphere by Listening to GPS Satellites

22. Exploitation of Big Real-time GNSS Databases for Weather Prediction

23. Application of Big Databases of Radio Observation in Investigation of Ionosphere, Natural Disaster Prediction and Telecommunication

24. Influence on Life Applications of a Federated Astro-Geo Data Base