COST takes the accessibility of its website very seriously. Our aim is to make it easily accessible to as many people as possible – as easily as possible.

Accessibility means that this website is designed to give anyone (from people having the full range of sensory and motor skills to those who have one or more limitations in those areas) using any kind of web browsing technology access to the information on the website.

The website can be browsed using mainstream graphical browsers (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer), text-only browsers (e.g. Lynx), and specialty browsers (e.g. IBM Home Page Reader for people with vision impairment) or technologies such as mobile computing systems or cellular phones and pager displays.

Our website complies as far as possible with the WCAG 1.0 (Web
Accessibility Guidelines) laid down by the World Wide Web
Consortium – W3C – (the industry governing body for the Internet).
Our site complies fully with the WCAG 1.0 Priority 1 and 2
checkpoints except checkpoint 4.1 (Identification of changes in
the natural language of a document’s text). We also comply with
many of the more specific Priority 3 checkpoints.

It also takes into consideration the European Commission’s ” i2010 – A European Information Society for growth and employment ” initiative one-Accessibility and e-Inclusion .