Material from the 1st BigSkyEarth Training School – Oberpfaffenhofen 2016

Material from the 1st BigSkyEarth Training School – Oberpfaffenhofen 2016

The 2016 BSE Training School was held in Oberpfaffenhofen Germany in April. Both the Presentations and the exercise Notebooks from the 2016 BSE Training School are available below.

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04 April, Stefano Cavuoti: Big data and cloud computing

A gentle introduction to the basics of cloud computing and big data processing and analysis.

04 April Marco Quartulli: Open source tools

A more hands-on view on the methodological issues in big data analysis

05 April Marco Quartulli: Earth observation sensors

A very short introduction to Earth observation sensors and feature extraction — to be extended by a further more in-depth presentation.

05 April Eric Feigelson: Astrostatistics

On the value of statistics as a language for sound scientific argumentation

06 April Ashish Mahabal: Sensors in Astronomy

A review of sensors and systems in astronomy

06 April Ashish Mahabal: Feature extraction from time-series data

On the analysis of temporal series of observations

06 April Ashish Mahabal: Clustering and classification

On grouping observations in terms of natural and learned sets

07 April Marco Quartulli: Data structures

On trees and indices

07 April Stefano Cavuoti: The curse of dimensionality

On the challenges of very large descriptor spaces

07 April Giovanni Nico: Application seminar: high resolution weather maps

An applicative seminar on augmenting meteorological analysis with remote sensing observations

08 April Marco Quartulli: Distributed Optimization

On numerical optimisation for big data

08 April Brian McNamee: Visualisation

On integrating machine-based and human-centered analysis



(Marco Quartulli)

Open source tools

SDSS similarity matrices


Remote sensing similarity matrices


More material is available from the same GitHub repository at